Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bridal Lingerie For Perfect Wedding

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The wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of every woman. And to make it memorable, happy and beautiful you need to keep several things primary. Lingerie is one of them. Lingerie for wedding known as Bridal Lingerie.

It has 2 functions, while pre-wedding and wedding. Weddings are usually very long and although happy but also very tiring. Therefore, the bride should be comfortable in her wedding dress. But choosing wedding lingerie is not going to be easy.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your wedding lingerie.

1. The perfect bridal lingerie shopping to spend a lot of time. So do not be hasty in choosing. Invite your friends or your family when berbelanjan. Because they are the best advisors of what will look good on your appearance.

2. Ensuring the comfort factor. Satin and silk lingerie is a favorite for brides because it is very comfortable to wear. Avoid any bra with a wire that can be annoying even cause scratches and redmark on the skin. Sore and uncomfortable.

3. Bridal Boutiques usually provide many decorative and fashionable lingerie. As creative as wedding dresses. Bra is not necessarily equated embroidered and decorated with your wedding dress. Always try lingerie with your wedding dress. Just because it fits and looks good your body does not mean it will look good lingerie with your wedding dress too. CD cover and T-shirt silky smooth legs are connected by a garter belt could also became your other best option. Just like a bra, make sure comfort.

4. You have to have a wedding dress that was chosen first, before you start figuring out what to wear underneath. When you know your dress, you know the design. Fabrics, colors and stylenya thus saving you time when choosing the best among wedding lingerie lingerie collection is so overwhelming and confusing. Make sure that the dress has been altered and adapted to the shape of your body.

5. Choose the right color match your wedding dress. The most popular color for wedding lingerie is red, pink, green, electric blue and some other colors are available with matching color mixture.

6. For your wedding night special, choose a sexy lingerie and challenging. Lingerie "Hot" will certainly excite your husband on the first night. Look for lingerie that is transparent or show your skin, it's really going to stimulate and trigger sexual desire your husband better.

7. Avoid Bridal Lingerie is made from thick lace or heavily textured. It would seem very strange if the lace and flowers poking out. If you have large breasts, do not choose a push up bra, cross back, halter neck and strapless bra. You can also choose lingerie that makes you look slimmer, like a corset for example. Use fabrics such as Lycra or Spandex.

8. It's important to try your bridal lingerie under your wedding dress before the big day. To find out how nice and comfortable it feels. It also ensures that no rope or line of bridal lingerie that looks from the outside of your dress.

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